How To Make Fall ’19 Fashion Trends Work For Your Wardrobe

There’s a noticeable shift in the air when fall finally comes back around — and we’re not just talking about the weather. Finally free to bust out the layers and pile on the accessories without fear of a mid-commute meltdown, there’s a renewed sense of excitement around sartorial trends that is straight-up contagious. Because, let’s be real, fall fashion trends never do seem to disappoint, do they?

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Nine West

Asymmetrical D-ring Belted Skirt


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Nine West

Belted City Blazer


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Nine West

Asymmetrical Hem Sweater


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Nine West

Belted Tapered Carrot Pants


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Nine West

City Blazer


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That’s why we’re narrowing down the five biggest trends to have on your radar this season — from elevated geometrics to sleepwear-inspired sets — and showing you exactly how to style ’em. The best part? Every item included is from Nine West’s new collection exclusive to Kohl’s, which means you can scoop up all of your new closet essentials in one single-stop haul. So go forth and find the trend that speaks most to your vibe, right ahead.

Leopard-Print Play

You’ve seen the leopard-print midi-skirt on your IG feed. You might even already own the It Girl item for yourself. And this season, it’s the perfect piece to style your aesthetic around — with some autumn-ready updates, of course. Keep the color scheme warm and rustic by pairing the skirt with a burnt-orange sweater tank, a cropped camel zip jacket, and taupe neutral heels. For extra intrigue, finish the look with a pair of leopard-print earrings that slightly differ in design from the skirt: Imperfections create individuality.

Power Minimalism

Uncomplicate your look (and, in turn, your life) with a sleek power suit that’ll have you looking put together in five seconds flat. Opt for a navy blazer and trouser duo (instead of the more expected black-on-black) to keep the overall vibe daytime ready. Polish the getup with some key accessories: a structured belt bag with gold detailing, croc-embossed black loafers, and gold geometric earrings for a touch of shine.

Elevated Geometrics

Rounded bags. Misaligned stripes. Cross-detail boots. Embrace every unique shape, curve, and design of your wardrobe by finding sophisticated new ways to wear ’em. Center your look around a trendy, misaligned striped sweater in a verdant green and midnight black color scheme. Then slip on dark-wash jeans and sleek leather booties that won’t upstage your busy top — they’ll allow you to go a little wilder with a circular snakeskin purse.


You have official permission to let your comfiest loungewear inspire your everyday — yes, even work-ready — uniform this season. The general formula? Soft fabrics, loose fits, and pastel palettes. Pair a pinstriped long-sleeve shirt with relaxed, cream-colored trousers, and dress it up just enough by adding a chic gold bracelet, a camel-colored tote, and rose-pink pumps. If you’re a sucker for luxe-as-ever loungewear (or, you’re simply a Taurus), this laid-back look is for you.

Look-At-Me Monochrome

A matching suit is a classic look in its own right, but in a strikingly bright color, the ensemble becomes that much more of a statement. Opt for pieces in a bright tomato red, as here, keeping the fit tailored and relaxed. Finish it off with a stack of gold bangles, a circular over-the-shoulder bag, and leopard-print pumps for the ultimate power play.

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